Soul Card Readings

Brenda Hoshaw offers one-on-one soul card readings for those seeking guidance from the the native american spirit world. Brenda is connected to the spirit world and through the soul cards, she can help guide you on your journey. Session prices start at $40.

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  1. Colt

    I recently had a soul card reading with Brenda but my reading went much deeper than just the cards; before she even saw my cards Brenda started to tell me things that were coming to her that all pertained to my life at that very moment. She also confirmed what I had always been told about one of the spirit guides who is with me.

    I’ve seen many spiritual readers in the past but I’ve only found a select few whom I actually trusted and Brenda is one of those people. I’ve already recommended her to several of my friends and will continue to get readings from her in the future.

    Don’t be skeptical, open your mind to the possibility and you might just be amazed.

  2. Lisa

    I recently had a reading with Brenda. She was right on point. Was a very peaceful experience. I will definitely be going again and have already recommended friends to see her as well.

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